Heroes for Hire

Party Crashers and Fragment Snatchers

Third Session - Heroes for Hire

Summary: The Heroes for Hire crash Woobler's wake, protect and traumatize some merchants, and watch other people fight for a change 

Gm: Nate
Players: 5.5

Terri: Shaelenna, Eladrin Tactical Warden
David: Isaac, Githzerai Artificer
Bernadine: Valaria, Tiefling Warlock                                                                                                        

Bill: Mordic Murderface, Dwarven Fightman                                                                                     

Andy: Mal, Half-Elf Druid                                                                                                              

Nate: Moly Toledo, Human Cleric Healbot

Game Time: One week later

We begin once again at the Broken Helm. Two of our red shirts have been promoted to the point where we remember their names. They are Mordic Murderface, professional Dwarf and Mal, Half-Elf Druid. 

We hear some guys talking about going to Woobler’s funeral. Isaac and Shae are noticed by the guys to have Theive’s guild coins and are asked if they know Woobler. Shae and Isaac play along and agree to go with the thieves to his wake after their done. Isaac drugs two of the 3 men. Thankfully there are too many witnesses for him to collect samples or harvest for exotic meat. One of the men who didn’t drink complains about the other 2 getting too drunk and is going to take us to the funeral. At the funeral some people notice us but no one says anything. Some of us notice that a thief is going around stealing gold. Everyone is missing 5 gold and everyone except Shae is missing their thieve tokens. We scout out the area, with some of us being more happy about getting free drinks and head back. Isaac invests in a wagon and horses. I make them look like Rhinos (because it's fun). We complete some small time jobs such as finding a farmer’s cow.

We agree to do a quest involving acting as bodyguards for a caravan for 4,000 gold. The caravan is traveling to sell goods from Daver’s Linens to Tysonville. 1 day each way. 6-8 Wagon’s with linens and textiles. We go to Daver's shop and inform him we are accepting his job. I conjure up an unseen servant and have him hold the reigns for Isaac so he can do work in his wagon. We notice a sound following us that stops. Mal investigates and it seemed to be some sort of group of mounted creature.

Later in the night Goblins come we fight them. Fortunately we defeat them easily. Unfortunately, I forgot that I let Isaac control my Unseen Servant Hans and he gleefully has poor Hans carry the dead goblin bodies to his wagon to the horror of both the goblins and the merchants hiding in terror. The trip from Tysonville is uneventful. I think everything else is too afraid to mess with us for right now,

We get the 4,000 +free tickets to the upcoming gladiatorial fights for each of us as an added thanks.

720 for each of us after 400 is put in the guild bank. All of us find a note when we return to the inn. Each note describes what happened to Woobler and how his involvement with a group called the Ebon Gauntlet is what led to his criminal life. At the bottom of each note is a drawing of a mask. 

We go to watch the fight at the Colosseum. We learn that there are slaves here who do fight but Enderall and Araxis are not among them. Araxis has never lost a match. Enderall is the new up and comer who uses a magic sword called Unity. We place some bets and go to watch the fights. During the pre-game fights a warrior of some sorts asks for a volunteer who is brave enough to fight him. Mordic agrees to battle him and they have a fairly decent fight with Mordic eventually winning. We get members of the crowd to start cheering the name "Mordic!" During the fight Mal and I note that a female spellcaster seems to be attempting to illegally use magic during the fight. We point her out and chase her down as she attempts to run. Mal is politely asked by the guards to stop being a panther and he acquiesces. After the fight some of us also take note of King Wendell who is also watching the battles. Wendell is noted by some of us as having a crazed look open his face. 

Enderall and Araxis fight to a draw and Enderall’s sword Unity is shattered during the battle. Fans watching the fight begin storming the arena to find pieces of the sword. Molly also manages to get a piece. Enderall later finds us and asks for us to find the remaining pieces of his sword to have it reformed. There are 5 including the one we already found. Enderall agrees to play us pay us 500 for each fragment including the one we already found. I use seek rumor. The big guy we saw at the fight picked up a piece. He’s a smith who can be found in the forge district. The gnome who gave us the stupid map also somehow got a piece. Araxis himself had a fragment lodged in his shoulder.  Finally a woman named Tabina who lives near the center of the city has a fragment. We all decide to get some rest and agree to start looking for the pieces tomorrow. 


Coppermane grunner

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