Heroes for Hire

A Sticky Situation
Second Session - Heroes For Hire

Gm: Nate
Players: 3.5
Terri: Shaelenna, Eladrin Tactical Warden
David: Isaac, Githzerai Artificer
Bernadine: Valaria, Tiefling Warlock
Nate: Moly Toledo, Human Cleric Healbot

Game Time: one week later.

Our group agreed to complete a bounty for a potential crime boss Known as Brian Woobler for 1200 gold. Went to the bailiff to get more info. We were followed by 2 guards throughout the day. We were able to find Woobler’s old neighborhood and one of his childhood friends gave us info about his residence and current business. We went to the house and Valaria and Isaac snuck around the back. Shae and Molly stayed behind to distract the guards. Shae questioned the guards who acted dumb, claiming they were not following us and just following their route. Valaria and Isaac snuck into the house and began searching. Valaria found a hat of dark vision but nothing else of note was found. The group went to the bar.  

We arrived at a bar in the seedier part of town known as the “Why is it Sticky” Inn. Often referred to as "The Sticky Icky" by some of the townsfolk. The bartender immediately tried to kick us out as we entered. Shae tried asked about Brian. Even though we tried to be persuasive the bartender did not trust us based on how we had been acting and asking questions. We went to leave and Isaac got mad because the bartender would not serve him and so he shoulder checked a bouncer on the way out. A fight started. We killed 2 of the four men and disarmed 2. The bartender had one of his legs destroyed by a crushing blow from Isaac during the fight. The bartender told us that he just rented the bar space and had nothing to do with what Woobler did in the basement.

We went downstairs and were almost ambushed by goblins and a hobgoblin. We defeated them and continued to the next room (but not before ransacking the wine cellar). The next room was more lavish and had a statue of a vigilante the Silver Mask who was a robin hood type hero for the working poor. Valaria sensed it was magical and tried to warn the others but Shae and Isaac had already gone up to it and got hit with fire damage. Valaria was able to run up to it and deactivate it with her arcane knowledge. The next room was a long hallway. Valaria and Isaac realized that the room was booby trapped. Valaria was able to save the group some time and potential death by deactivating the trap. The trap was a spike pit on one side with the wall on the opposite side having holes that sprayed water and pushed victims into the spike pit.

Finally we made it to the last room which had Brain Woobler in it and 4 human fighters. We tried to talk to Brian but he made it clear that he only cared about himself and was not going to surrender. After defeating him we later found his ledger which was evidence of him being a crime boss. The room was also trapped with each of the 4 pillars in the room springing a different elemental burst trap. We also found wooden medallions with oak trees which Valaria recognized as a thieves guild insignia. We defeated all of the people and Valaria used Tenser’s Floating Disk to take as much stuff as possible from the hideout.

We took: the rug, the thieves guild ledger (Valaria made a copy), dismantled all of the spikes and took them, all of the armor and weapons, any magical items, bottles of wine from the cellar, the goblin corpses (so Isaac could sell the meat), anything else that seemed to be of value, and the statue of the Silver Mask. Because the thieves guild didn’t deserve it because they don’t actually help the poor.

We left through the back and were stopped by the same guards who had been following us. The guards were not bothered by the defeat of Brian and claimed the Bailiff had no real power in this city. They attempted to threaten us to stop asking about Raif and claimed they worked for him. Keyword being attempted. Valaria placated them by promising not to ask the guards or the bailiff about him.

We sold the extra stuff we didn’t plan on keeping. We were paid by the bailiff for taking down Brian and Valaria gave him the ledger which she made a copy of while the group was taking the spike trap apart at the thieves guild.

Welcome to Norquist
First Session - Heroes for Hire

Gm: Nate
Players: 3.5
Terri: Shaelenna, Eladrin Tactical Warden
David: Isaac, Githzerai Artificer
Bernadine: Valaria, Tiefling Warlock
Nate: Moly Toledo, Human Cleric Healbot

We begin our tale entering the city of Norquist together as an established party; Heroes for Hire.
Norquist is a large port city surrounded by two giant walls, the outer wall being about 30' high. 
To the West is a river and towards that river is a large Colosseum. 
Towards the back of the city is the ocean, where the port and docks are located.
We enter and find rooms at The Empty Helm Inn and Tavern. 

Norquist - People of Note: 
King Wendell Pontificus
Daytrum Lemerd - King's Hand
Barnum – Bailiff
Barton – Barkeep at The Empty Helm Inn and Tavern
Otherion - human friend of the goliath
Fortune Teller
Clickersnip Hornswaggler – that damned map selling gnome

We get our rooms settled and go for a drink at the bar. Another group of adventurers comes in and they are all beautiful and stunning. Looks like we have competition in the heroes for hire business. There is a gnome selling treasure maps that lead to "a room full of gold." Isaac buys one.

We also met a fortune teller at the bar. He claimed he could see into the future but needed gold in return as using these abilities cause him physical harm. The fortune teller seemed to be telling the truth so Valaria gave him 20 gold.

The Fortune Teller gave us two pieces of information:

1. He warns us to watch out for a man named Raif B. who is the leader of a group in the city. He is an authority figure who committed a crime.

2. Also we will come across an artifact meant to be worn on the hand.

We follow the map that winds us all around the city, taking a scenic tour, and end up right outside of a jewelry shop. The owner of the shop is irritated that this gnome keeps selling maps to his shop. Shaelenna buys a small brooch. 

We traipse back to The Empty Helm and look up what's been put up on the bulletin board.
1,000 gold pieces for the death of a rampaging goliath. We speak to the Bailiff, Barnum, about this bounty. He tells us about a goliath who has been attacking guards and travelers. We agree to stop this goliath. 

On our way to find the goliath we are set upon by a group of angry kobolds. We dispatch them and Isaac decides to hack them up to take their bodies back to the city to sell as exotic meat. We are apparently not very good people. 

We come to the place where the goliath is sitting on a hill outside of a cave and his dog rushes down to attack us. Shaelenna tries to grapple the dog and shouts that she doesn't want to kill his dog. Isaac doesn't care and whacks the dog anyway. The dog dies. The goliath rushes out of the cave with a weapon screaming "FIDO!" and attacks us.  We fight and kill the goliath. Going inside the cave we find a journal entry that makes what we did absolutely horrible. We also find a pair of gloves of holding that may have been what the fortune teller told Alaria about.  We decide to bury the goliath, Morbun, and his dog properly and have Moly Toledo pray over their graves. 

We go back to Norquist, Isaac sells the kobold meat, then we go to the Bailiff to talk about the bounty on the goliath and to show him the journal entry we found. He does not believe that the guards would lie to him, but he takes the journal entry and says he will inquire about it. We get paid for killing the goliath. Shaelenna feels horrible about the whole thing and now has a distrust/disdain of the city guards. 

The party goes to the goliath's friend Otherion to tell him of the sad news of Morbun's death and the journal entry they found after the fact. 




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