Morbun the Goliath Journal Entry

23rd Day of Autumn Harvest

Today I tried to visit my human friend, Otherion, in his house by the river. Otherion is a decent sort. He doesn't treat me like a monster or like he fears me. We both share a love for the simple workings of nature. But today's visit never came. A group of soldiers were drawing water from the river, saw me, and called me over. They said they were Norquist City Guards and that they needed to see my citizenship papers. I told them I had none, but I had lived in this country for my whole adult life. The guards said I was being unruly and disrespectful and began hitting me with clubs and whips. They smelled of alcohol. I tried to run, but they surrounded me. I hit one of them and he fell down and stopped moving. They drew their swords to kill me, but I got past them and ran away.

25th Day of Autumn Harvest

Since my run in with the guards I have become more secluded. Otherion came to visit me since I never made it to him. He said I should hide from humans for awhile, that the guards are very upset and calling me a monster. Otherion said he would bring supplies next week and collect any money he could for the furs that I've caught. 

Illegible Day of Late Autumn

I found a dog in one of my traps. He was hurt and starving from before my trap snared him. I fed him and he has taken a liking to me. I think he is going to stay with me. On a sour note, a group of humans, dwarves, and elves were out looking for me. I saw them near the river and followed them for awhile. They were armed and looking to hurt me, but they were so beautiful, I couldn't help but to watch them. They eventually got lost and gave up and went home, but that means they blame Morbun for the hurt guard.

13th Day of Late Autumn

The humans from the city continue to search for me. They have dogs themselves and they crash through the forest like an army. I dare not try to talk to them, as they are very violent, and I believe would try to attack me on sight. The dog at least keeps me safe while I am here. I fear I may have to flee this land soon.

Morbun the Goliath Journal Entry

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