The world of Planetaria is divided into 5 continents with enormous ice caps at both the North and South Poles. A section of the Northern Polar Ice Cap stretches  down into the continents, but is largely uninhabited. This area is called the Ice Wastes and is only visited by the most daring hunters, fisherman, and occasional adventurer. 

The 5 main continents are Kradgel, Yella, High Mitey, Grandan, and Radian. 

Kradgel is the dark, violent, Western continent. This continent is a constantly self-warring tribal landscape that rarely trades with the outside world. Despite this self-imposed seclusion, Kradgel is feared the world over for the dark and evil magics said to exist there.

Grandan is the Eastern, civilized, "money-poor, but people rich" continent. Known as an agricultural based society, Grandan has little interest in government and military, aside from defending itself if needed. The most numerous in population of the continents, Grandan is content to farm, tend livestock, and live quietly.

Between these two continents lies a vast sea with 3 island continents. 

Yella is closest to Kradgel and pays dearly for it. Yella maintains a strong military because it is constantly defending itself from Kradgel. The centuries of war have led to a counter culture within Yella, where Kradgel deserters or released prisoners and slaves have made a home. These people even defend their new civilized lives against Kradgel invasions. This awkward alliance has led to unique magics, technology, and culture created from Yella's civilization blending with the savage Kradgel. 

Radian is economically successful by trading heavily with Grandan and Yella. It is the current cultural benchmark for the world, as its Navy and ship merchants trade with all 5 of the continents and are the most active in cultural exchange. Radian keeps a strong army, but its Navy is what makes them the most powerful of the continents. The two largest cities on Radian, Norquist and Cairos, frequently war with each other.

High Mitey is a rocky, mountainous, island continent unsuitable for farming. High Mitey exists as the pinnacle of technology, magic, and academia. For the poorer ports, fishing is a major trade. The universities, magic schools, and technological companies of High Mitey are the best in the world and the most powerful of both good and evil contend for control of it. The government itself goes through turbulent transitions between regal philanthropic regimes and evil tyrants bent on bending the continent to its will. This constant struggle keeps High Mitey from becoming the prominent continent on Planetaria.



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